Why we need your help for?

In order to find financial means for the realizations of certain social projects of values ​​in Haiti, such as, the realization of several libraries in the country, the program of schooling of children deprived, the program to feed several thousand children including their parents do not have the necessary economic resources, the promotion of a culture of peace in Haiti.

The organization launches a cries of alarm, and launches a call to everyone to give his participation.

It is with this in mind that the organization is setting up a fundraising on GoFunnMe “https://www.gofundme.com/movement-for-peace” and on the donation links on this website.

We invite you to visit our fundraising, and do not hesitate to make a donation that suits you.

2 thoughts on “Why we need your help for?”

  1. Well ! That’s a positive way to start. We need histories , more event’s Also make it possible to translates not only in English but Creole, French even Spanish. . Blessings

    1. Ki Madame Kettie, we appreciated your comments, and we going to do our best to fix everyhing.
      Thank you for helping us

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